in your eyes i have seen
what the world fears the most
Ça Plane Pour Moi
Vampire Weekend


my favorite band covers my favorite french song and then I die

Yellow Flicker Beat

Yellow Flicker Beat - Lorde (from the Mockingjay Part 1 OST)


Last Night in Ferguson (9.28-9.29): Last night’s protest was one of the in Ferguson this month, proving once again that the residents of Ferguson/STL County are some of the most resilient and inspiring in all the land. The police were literally holding peaceful protesters hostage late into the night (folks who were complying with all police requests) so they could negotiate with the remaining folks to leave, but the protesters didn’t back down. Eventually all arrestees were released, and many plan to be back out there tonight.

Injustice in Ferguson continues, but despite it, community now thrives too. This is still happening. Are you still paying attention? #staywoke #farfromover

First of all, we fucking started this shit. People need to calm down and not act like we’re new to the game. It all came from blues.

Zoe Kravitz on Black People in Rock (via fy-zoeisabella)

we startd rock too like it came from the blues wh i ch was created by Black.people and then some more Black people turnt it into Rock

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Sokout/The Silence :. 1998, Mohsen Makhmalbaf



do u ever come across some people who are just SO wrong that you cant even argue with them because the sheer amount of bullshit they are spewing is overwhelming

guess who’s on ello @feministe

i hate how I’m expected to the kind and offer food or courtesy to my male cousins just because I’m a woman